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More apartments deemed illegally deregulated
January 8th, 2010
Echoing a court decision on Stuyvesant Town in New York, an NYC judge has ruled that a landlord who received abatements improperly took units out of rent control, a standard practice in predatory equity schemes.

Court Orders JP Morgan to Comply With Federal Law Protecting Renters in Foreclosure
Public Justice Center
January 7th, 2010
The Circuit Court for Baltimore City vacated an order granting possession of a Baltimore City home to JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA. The tenant in the home had contacted the Public Justice Center in October of 2009 seeking legal assistance to enforce her rights under the federal Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act.

Page Mill's East Palo Alto buildings to hit the auction block Feb. 1
by Jessica
January 6th, 2010
As predatory landlord Page Mill Properties (David Taran) faces foreclosure on it's 1800 units in East Palo Alto, tenants and advocates insist the new owner(s) will have to be dedicated to owning and operating affordable housing.

Foreclosure Fears Lead to Tenants' Conundrum
by Vinnie
January 6th, 2010
Just as tenant advocates had warned, numerous predatory equity investments are now collapsing and the threat of widespread foreclosures is putting many innocent tenants at risk.

Dear Government: Renters would like a tax break too
by Anna Marie HibbleSFGate
January 5th, 2010
Some suggest that the homebuyers tax credit amounts to a regressive tax on renters. The author of this article suggests the federal government should implement a rent credit for renters.

San Francisco to close public housing waiting list
by David Louie KGO-TV San Francisco
January 5th, 2010
The San Francisco Housing Authority has stopped taking applications from residents who want to live in public housing. The SFHA will close its waiting list at the end of January.

Judicial Bias Out of Control in SF Superior Court
by Dean
January 5th, 2010
The recent upholding by the Appellate Panel of the eviction of Susan Suval stands as the latest example of judicial bias against renters in San Francisco’s Superior Courts. Despite its progressive political climate, San Francisco continues to be one of the worst places in California when it comes to judicial bias against tenants.

Donald Sterling is generous, impolitic and eager to be liked
January 3rd, 2010
NBA team owner and LA mega-landlord, Donald Sterling, who was charged by the US Dept.of Justice for race-based housing discrimination, and is the subject of Tenants Togethers' "NBA: Show You Care" campaign, has been accused for years for being a bigot.

Re'Anita Burns Looks Back on a Decade of Organizing in East Palo Alto
by Ruth Robertson Bay Area Indymedia
January 3rd, 2010
As 24-year-old Re'Anita enters a second decade of organizing in her community of color, she fights for tenants who need relief from illegal rent increases implemented by predatory landlord Page Mill Properties / David Taran.

Water meter shut-offs lead to evictions
by Rebecca UngerHi-Desert Star
January 2nd, 2010

Rats and bedbugs take over where Dawnay, Day left off in Harlem
by Alexandra FreanTimes Online
January 2nd, 2010
Tenants living in properties suffering neglect after the collapse of predatory equity schemes in New York demand that the properties be sold to a responsible owner and that they be consulted during the sale process.

Berkeley's public housing residents oppose privatization of their housing
by Lynda CarsonBay Area Indymedia
January 1st, 2010
Public housing residents of Berkeley have received notice announcing that the Berkeley Housing Authority is preparing to convert their public housing units into privately owned housing subsidized by Section 8 voucher rental assistance, and that their housing would be transferred to a local non profit housing developer.

ACLU accuses Antioch of censoring evidence
Contra Costa Times
December 31st, 2009
Low-income renters suing the city of Antioch for alleged racial discrimination are accusing city officials of censoring critical evidence.

Economy top San Mateo County story of '09: Page Mill Properties goes bust
by Will OremusSan Mateo County Times
December 31st, 2009
The collapse of landlord Page Mill Properties / David Taran's predatory equity scheme in East Palo Alto was one of the most important economic stories for 2009 in San Mateo County.

Goodbye Old Year, Good Riddance Page Mill Properties!
by Ruth RobertsonBay Area Indymedia
December 31st, 2009
In one last rally for the year 2009, housing activists said a long overdue "good riddance" to mega-landlord Page Mill. They raised cups of sparkling apple juice and pledged to continue working for rent relief for Page Mill tenants.

Courts Are Starting To Hold Banks Accountable
by George Beckus Esq.Florida Foreclosure Lawyer
December 30th, 2009
Judges in Massachusetts, Ohio, and Kansas have made decisions that have raised serious questions as to the legality of hundreds of thousands of foreclosures that have transpired as well as the legal standing of the subsequent purchasers of those homes, who are more and more frequently the Wall Street banks themselves.

Tenant torment: Renters left hanging as city convenes for holidays and Newsom heads for Hawaii
by Sarah PhelanSan Francisco Bay Guardian
December 30th, 2009
Tenant advocates say San Francisco mayor, Gavin Newsom is trying to undermine a strong tenant bill that would give thousands of tenants in newer buildings the same protections as tenants in buildings constructed before 1979.

East Palo Alto may settle Page Mill lawsuits
by Jessica Bernstein-WaxSan Jose Mercury News
December 29th, 2009
The East Palo Alto City Council is discussing whether to accept a settlement proposal with a court-appointed receiver that would put to rest about 10 active lawsuits with predatory landlord Page Mill Properties/David Taran, city officials said Tuesday. Meanwhile tenant advocates say "many tenants still feel crunched by the high rents and feel there are many questions left unanswered."

Chinatown family life - what tourists don't see
by Brant WardSFGate
December 29th, 2009
This article take a look at the often harsh reality of daily life for families who are SRO tenants in San Francisco's Chinatown.

How CalPERS strategy backfired: Huge portfolio losses tied to heavy leverage, lack of oversight
by Arleen Jacobius Pensions and Investments
December 28th, 2009
According to Pension and Investments, "behind CalPERS' staggering real estate losses lies a strategy that took on too much risk and lacked adequate oversight." One example is their predatory equity investment with Page Mill Properties in East Palo Alto that not only will likely result in a $100M loss, but also had a devastating impact on the tenants who suffered displacement, harassment and excessive rent increases.

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