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We Need REAL Solutions to the Housing Crisis

Californians are living in overcrowded, uninhabitable conditions and are paying more than half their income in rent. Meanwhile cities primarily produce luxury market-rate housing (if they produce any at all), lack basic anti-displacement policies, and code enforcement departments don't prioritize the needs of tenants.

We need to change our priorities to protect people first, not profits. Instead of housing policy for the few, we propose these guiding principles to inform state and local legislative solutions:


I was the on-site manager. I was fired for fixing the apartments to gov code . I was doing my job. Owners were not in compliance with housing standards . Now they have sent people to break my windows they have been harassing me for months now. I have also been served with a three day notice. 


Hi, I'm Teal and I lived in Chico,Ca in a 3 bdr. 2bath apt. and had a landlord that did not uphold to the standards that they stated that they maintain to be. The unit carpet was not cleaned and we had to clean it the day we moved in as well as it was so old and used so, that the padding had worn as flat as a pancake. One of the burners on the stove never worked and the others were long to heat up as well as the top and bottom of the stove didn't match; the top was from one stove and the bottom was from another one.


Tenants and their supporters rallied in front of 1049 Market Street on November 12, demanding that landlord John Gall withdraw eviction notices for the building. Gall wants to convert residentially occupied units at 1049 Market to offices, a move that would displace tenants and reverse progress toward revitalizing Mid-Market. It’s the residents who keep the street alive after office workers leave, which is why the city is trying to increase housing in the area.

Yountville Landlords Resist Mandatory Inspections; Rental Registry Still on Table

To Yountville leaders trying to learn how much local housing is dirty or dilapidated – or being used as illegal tourist getaways – compiling a list of all the town’s rentals has seemed a logical step.

But a proposal to require landlords to register their units with the town has stirred pushback from property owners fearing another part of the plan – mandatory inspections of all units, whether owned by scofflaws or those sticking to the law.

Landlord and Tenant Shirk Responsibility in Fatal West Oakland Fire

Both the landlord and main tenant of 2551 San Pablo Avenue are deflecting responsibility of who was in charge of keeping the building safe before March’s deadly West Oakland fire.

Keith Kim is the owner of the building. Kim and his family hired spokesman Sam Singer to speak on their behalf. In an interview with 2 Investigates, Singer said the family is heartbroken about what happened.

Boyle Heights Tenants Protest Massive Rent Hike at Apartment Complex

The cost to rent an apartment in Southern California continues to rise and tenants at one apartment complex in Boyle Heights fought back on Wednesday.

More than 20 tenants said they received a letter from Crescent Canyon Management informing them that their rent would be increasing effective April 1.

"We're trying to understand how someone can go and deliver a notice for an $800 rent increase and then run away and hide and not talk about it," Elizabeth Blaney with the Los Angeles Tenants Union said.

Landlord of West Oakland Building Destroyed by Fire Was Working to Evict Tenants

Tenants of the San Pablo Avenue apartment building destroyed by a fire early this morning were resisting a controversial eviction, according to court records and interviews.

The residents even obtained a restraining order against the building's landlord. And, now, their lawyer is calling for an arson investigation.

Records also show that the West Oakland building's dangerous conditions were known to the landlord, master tenant, the City of Oakland, and other authorities.

Voluntary Legal Services of Northern California


VLSP is a volunteer-based “pro bono” legal aid program that provides free assistance with civil legal matters to low income clients living in the Sacramento region. VLSP can provide information for the following issues: 

Eviction Defense (see VLSP Eviction defense listing)

Civil Self-Help Center

Criminal Records Expungement

Debt Collection/Bankruptcy

Driver's License reinstatement

Estate Planning 

Family Law

Government Benefits

Guardianships /Conservatorships

Probate Law 

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