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Judge Denies California Apartment Association’s Effort to Derail Rent Control in Richmond

Richmond, CA – Confirming thirty years of legal precedent, this Monday Hon. Judge Craddick denied the California Apartment Association's (CAA) motion for preliminary injunction to stall rent control and just cause for eviction in Richmond, Measure L. The implementation of Measure L will now continue with the appointment of a rent board.  Measure L passed with 65 percent support, but the CAA filed a lawsuit asking for an injunction against the implementation.


We Need REAL Solutions to the Housing Crisis

Californians are living in overcrowded, uninhabitable conditions and are paying more than half their income in rent. Meanwhile cities primarily produce luxury market-rate housing (if they produce any at all), lack basic anti-displacement policies, and code enforcement departments don't prioritize the needs of tenants.

We need to change our priorities to protect people first, not profits. Instead of housing policy for the few, we propose these guiding principles to inform state and local legislative solutions:

Santa Monica Rent Board Endorses State Bills to Turn Back Clock on Housing Lease Laws

Santa Monica Assemblymember Richard Bloom’s bill that would allow for the return of extreme rental housing price control eliminated two decades ago has received a mixed reaction statewide.

But his bill has the full support of the Santa Monica Rent Control Board. The board voted unanimously Thursday to endorse Bloom’s proposal (AB 1506).

The board also endorsed another of Bloom's bills, AB 982, that would require landlords to provide a one-year notice to tenants before evicting them under the Ellis Act, which allows property owners to get out of the rental business.

Corona Trailer Parks Might Get Voluntary Rent Control

Corona officials could pursue voluntary rent control for trailer parks in an effort to help elderly and impoverished residents facing 30 percent rent hikes over two years.

The City Council is expected to have an April 26 study session after individual members tried for a year to find a compromise between those living at Corona La Linda Mobile Home Park, where most residents are low-income Latinos, and Kort & Scott Financial Group in Anaheim, which bought the trailer park in June 2015.

Money Pouring in To Fight Rent Control in Santa Rosa

The June referendum vote on Santa Rosa’s rent control ordinance is shaping up to be an expensive — and likely lopsided — brawl.

Landlords and groups representing them, mostly from outside Santa Rosa, have donated at least $390,000 to date for a political committee opposing the city’s law.

That’s compared to about $68,000 raised by supporters of the city’s rent control law, which seeks to cap rent increases on older apartments at 3 percent annually and protect renters against unfair evictions.

With Housing Costs Skyrocketing, Rent Control Is on the Docket Again in Sacramento

Amid California’s housing crisis, several state lawmakers want to give cities the ability to dramatically expand rent control, including imposing the kind of strict limits that once existed in Santa Monica and West Hollywood but have been barred since the 1990s.

A bill that would do so, introduced last month, marks the most significant move yet in a growing movement to cap skyrocketing rents as California’s economy booms and housing production lags.

California Housing Bills Could Take Away Subsidies for Homeowners and Add Them for Renters

California lawmakers have introduced more than 130 bills this year that try to tackle the state’s housing affordability crisis.

Reams of statistics support the depth of the problem: California’s homeownership rate is at its lowest since World War II, a third of renters spend more than half of their income on housing costs and the state has nearly a quarter of the nation’s homeless residents — despite having 12% of the overall U.S. population.

Santa Barbara to Consider Rent-Regulation Measures Amid Increasing Rates, Low Vacancy

As rental rates climb and the vacancy rate bottoms out, the City of Santa Barbara will consider a number of measures for a potential rent-regulation ordinance.

On the table at Tuesday evening’s City Council meeting will be rent control, just-cause evictions, mandatory leases, safety inspections for multifamily residential buildings and enhanced tenant-landlord mediation resources.

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