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Thousand Oaks, Ventura
I am being retaliatiated against, extortion, grievance hearings cancelled, private property searched during inspections, charging tenants for wear and tear, not giving  disabled with ssa bebeno  due process, constructive eviction for tenant organizing and speaking up when PHA breaks its own rules..... continue reading
San Leandro, Alameda
My landlord has informed tenants that R.U.B.S. will start on Oct.1, Max $75 per month. Why do tenants hae to pay his expenses for water (including landscape water, outside lighting,and garbage collection! Is this legal?
El Cajon, San Diego
We rented a place for parking my 6 cars, not for the house and this was talked about and agreed apon. To add the mans statement of do whatever you want I mean I will come by said it would be nice to put up a car port and or shed due to no garage my husband myself and Mr. A signed my husband written... continue reading
Fairfield, Solano
Our landlord's behavior toward my wife and me has been uniquely egregious. I'll share some highlights here for brevity; you might want to call me for specifics, because I believe our experiences and how we've responded to our landlord's actions may be of great help to your readers. Summary: In... continue reading
Los Alamitos, Orange
This case is on appeal in 2014 for the second time.
Oakland, Alameda
Fraudulent unlawful detainer. Landlord submit eviction for non payment of rent. Landlord accepted rent after paperwork was accepted. Landlord arrangement and continued to received rents.
Pleasant Hill, Contra Costa
After my rental was in foreclosure for over 3 years, it sold at auction and i met the investors from hell. Long story short, know your rights, document every single thing that happens, and you will most likely need a lawyer. These guys hired an attorney, and filed eviction on me. In CoCo... continue reading
cresent city, Del Norte
we downsized from a house to an apartment to save money on rent and utilities. The first week in the water heater leaked all over the floor. Supposedly it was replaced with a new one but I think that was not the case because when I saw my electric bill it was three times higher than it ever was... continue reading
San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo
My housemate and I moved in to our new rental house on 6/28, and turned the water utility on 6/27 (Friday - business day). We received our first water bill for 6/27 - 7/22 on 8/15 and it was $204 not including the $60 initial setup fee. That was 15 units of water used for the month, which is 330... continue reading
San Diego, San Diego
I have rented for over 20 yrs. New property mngrs for the last 8. They have been trying to get me out all 8 yrs. First giving me three day notice that rent wasn't received. I always pay rent on time. They charged me $35 more than even the best units were paying for 2 yrs.I had lived there the... continue reading
Tulare, Tulare
I have lived here since 2000. I had a deep freezer from day one in my apartment and never had any problems until now. We recently had an inspection and a week later i get a notice saying i have to remove the freezer. Reason given was that they consider them a fire hazard? I am on social security... continue reading
Venice, Los Angeles
I was evicted by Summary Judgement for "illegal use" by a new landlord who set out on a campaign to evict me the day they bought the building.
Upland, San Bernardino
In April of 2013 I signed a 12 month lease for an apartment. My security deposit was $1520, which included a $500 pet security deposit. Rent was $1020, which included a $25 pet rent. In the middle of May 2013, my boyfriends car was broken into while parked in the parking lot for tenants, there was... continue reading
Eastvale, Riverside
my wife nad I moved into our rental home in February, 2014. After a few weeks, our youngest daughter came over, with our pets, who were living with our daughter because this rental did not allow pets, when the gardener notice them and subsequently, informed the property manaegement company. We had... continue reading
Willits, Mendocino
the manager came to my door told me that i was to remove myself from our apartment by friday or my family would be evicted then she told my lady that if i removed myself from the lease that she would leave my family alone i am a stay at home dad manager said when my lady not here i can't be the... continue reading
Petaluma, Sonoma
I've been in my apartment for ten years. We've had many managers in the ten years. The building will be sold to an affordable housing corp. one of the biggest in the county. They are evicting many residents. I can see the reasons and understand. However, I feel this manager is looking for ways to... continue reading
Folsom, Sacramento
Request this property be converted to nonsmoking. They sent out a survey in March but have not informed tenants of results or taken any action to move in the direction of eliminating carcinogenic poison from second hand smoke. I have submitted many incident reports and one request for reasonable... continue reading
Gardena, Los Angeles
I , after reporting poor conditions of my over-priced apt to the city, found myself . Evicted" from my understanding, the landlord could not bring any lawsuit against me, for six months. I spoke , before the city council. they could have cared less! It is to the point of, the landlord is the "Boss... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
Newest and 3rd Landlord of 1.5 years is Ellis-ing me,a 66yr old who's lived in this duplex for 18 years.He recently divulged to me he will be using my unit for his GIRL FRIEND'S studio and is most likely not going to break through wall to make one big home. I believe the law states that a person,... continue reading
Upland, San Bernardino
The new landlord at this residence is a slumlord. He does not maintain the premises, pool routinely shut down by health dept, he illegally mandates increases in both rent and security deposits, does illegal construction on premises, caught dumping caustic pool chemicals to the public street,... continue reading
Oxnard, Ventura
I live in a brand new apartment complex. Two people in my apartment complex were disabled and have died. One tenant had stomach issues and the other had kidney issues and having dialysis every other day. I am also disabled and have congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy. Now I have kidney... continue reading

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