Ellis Act Report: San Francisco

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  • The Ellis Act and its legislative history reveal that the purpose of the Act was to allow landlords, not speculators, to exit the rental housing business
  • 3,610 units have been removed from the rental market in San Francisco under the Ellis Act (1997-2013).
  • At least 10,000 San Francisco tenants have been displaced through the Ellis Act.
  • 51% of the Ellis Act evictions were commenced by owners within the first year of their ownership of the property. The majority of those were during the first six months of ownership.
  • 78% of Ellis Act evictions are commenced by owners within their first five years of ownership of the property.
  • 30% of units are Ellised by known serial evictors, meaning they have used the Ellis Act to evict tenants in other properties. Many of these investors have entered, exited, re-entered, and re-exited the rental business, evicting tenants from multiple buildings.

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