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2022 Endorsements / Aprobaciones Electorales de 2022

With ballots arriving in the mail as we speak, Tenants Together is happy to share our statewide coalition's endorsements of eight local pro-renter ballot measures, up for a vote on November 8th. Housing instability often means that renters vote less often than homeowners. It's very important to make your voice heard if you're eligible to vote! (If you haven't registered to vote, or have had to move since your last registration, you can register here.)


Tenants Together's statewide membership is proud to support:



After a harrowing 2 years due to the fires, greedy landlords, and being forced out on streets. I found myself in the crisis stabilization unit in Santa Rosa after a suicide attempt . My fear of being homeless is more than I can bear. Two years later I thought I had found the perfect home in Cotati and I could afford the rent after living with my mother in a converted garage for nearly nine months. The woman that rented me a room for lived in a HUD home off of East Cotati.

State Sues Huntington Beach Over Blocked Homebuilding

At Gov. Gavin Newsom’s request, California filed a lawsuit Friday against the city of Huntington Beach over what state officials describe as the city’s failure to allow enough homebuilding to accommodate a growing population.

Newsom said the suit is needed to address rising housing costs that threaten economic growth and deepen inequality. The lawsuit accuses Huntington Beach of defying a state law that requires cities and counties to set aside sufficient land for housing development.

Cities Scramble as Shutdown Leaves Families in Federal Housing Vulnerable

As the partial federal government shutdown stretches into its sixth week, low-income families, seniors and the disabled are facing housing instability and possible evictions.

Last month, Congress failed to provide funding for key federal agencies, including the departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and of Agriculture, which provide housing assistance to low-income families.

The shutdown is affecting not just unpaid federal workers, but also 4.7 million families living in federally subsidized housing, housing advocates say.

San Diego Low-Income Residents Learn Federal Rent Subsidies Have Expired Amid Government Shutdown

Hundreds of local renters are getting nervous after finding out their federal housing subsidies have expired in the wake of the government shutdown.

After three decades working as a legal secretary, Sandra Anderson retired but couldn't afford to live in San Diego. Fourteen years ago, she moved into a one-bedroom apartment in Columbia Tower downtown, which gets subsidies directly from the Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD.

"I love it! I couldn't afford to live anywhere else," said Anderson.

CASA 'Compact' Needs Major Changes to Protect Tenants

The Committee to House the Bay Area (CASA) process has come to a close. The proposal will now move forward through the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), and the state legislature. The policies that come out of this process will impact housing, development, and displacement in the whole Bay Area and perhaps even the state.

The Government Shutdown Could Decimate America's Subsidized Housing Programs

The government shutdown has hit the one-month mark, and subsidized housing programs are reeling.

Between December and January, the contracts of 1,150 Section 8 units expired, putting in jeopardy the housing of tens of thousands of people enrolled in the project-based rental assistance subsidy program (over half of whom are elderly or disabled). Another 500 contracts are set to expire if the shutdown continues into February.

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