I am on SSI getting 800 dollars a month & im on section 8 as well.I am having an ongoing problem with my landlord & section 8 adviser with discrimination & retaliation/ harassment against me and it's driving me crazy that nobody will help fix this problem but will just sit back & watch my issue spread like CANCER.I fill so back in a corner with no resources


The building was sold in December of 2014. The previous owner sold our private personal information to this so-called new owner without our permission and the new owner came in and raised our rent more than 50-60% in 30 days. All then tenants have resided in this building over a year. The new owner harassed me and made my life difficult when I asked him to give us 60 days for the rent increase. I've had to put a restraining order against him and his relatives. Now, I'm paying almost double for the apartment which is filtered with terminates and a host of other issues.

Ilene Pinkie

My name is Ilene mother of two children, daughter 4, son 6, my spouse and my service dog. My current situation/status as of 02/20/2015, Homeless! After 5 long years of renting from a large apartment complex owned by a very large corporation, my family and I spent the holidays packing. In august of 2012 I had moved from one side of Coralaire Apts., to a larger 2 bd apt., in the same complex. I had noticed off the back that something just wasn't right, the smell, the discoloration of areas around and under kitchen sinks and certain walls.


My husband and I and are 16year old child have lived in our house for 3years and in Aug. this man came to are home with a 3 day pay are quite saying we were all mosted 2 years behide in rent tell us he was are landlords partener we have never meet him before so we went to court and won that case in set.


Hi I am recently discovering how unlawful this country as well as my state and county I live in. About 4 months ago I tried to help a past tenant get Info about the uninhabitable dwelling of cockroaches and mold that her and her two year old son lived in. I gave her info to the local code enforcement agency after several request to our landlord were not being answered. 3 days later and after the landlord got the report she was immediately evicted. Mind you some of us that rent are considered low income or welfare dependent.


Currently I am in a position to where I don't know which way to turn.My life has not been the same.I have been fighting a case that never existed,2011 November around the 27th I recieved a summons from a guy.I never understood it because my rent was paid and what they were saying wasn't true. So I ended up going to see the manager bout the issue and I had the proof of the money orders but to nip it in the bud I tracked them down also.


I have lived in the same apt. for 9 years & two years ago we got a new landlord & thay aloud us to get a dog
& others got a dog to. but thay tolk avanteg of thare kindes & thay got two dogs & three dogs. & know thay doent alow pets & thay gave us a aviction notes because we did what thay sed & we made the dog a service dog, & thare trieing to scare us out! we need help! fast.


I am a 51 year old female who resides at The Hub off Richards Blvd in Sacramento. I am a part time student and The Hub is Student Housing. Basically you rent a motel room for some amount (different rental amounts for different people for no good reason). I have lived here for 8 months and my rent is current. My lease is up in less than one week. Two months ago I have a friend who lives here as well, and she happens to be African American, when she got home from school her roommate accidentally sent her a text message the said "ewe..the nigger is home".


Promised a "Smoke-free" property with a "zero tolerance" policy but management company refused to take assertive steps to get rid of smokers off and on for six years. I am disabled, severely allergic to secondhand smoke, but had it pouring into my unit through the heat vents. Now the unit is toxically contaminated, and must be cleaned for me to use the heat/air vents again. The management company ignores all my verbal appeals and my written letters. I need an housing attorney that can represent a low-income client. Thank you so much.


Terminating my tenancy for no reason after 10 years of paying my rent on time at a senior apartment. Not returning my phone calls and direct manager says it is out of her hands. Causing stress and chest pains and a complete hardship to move. They say I have no rights but this is a federally subsidized facility.

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