Fresno Housing Authority

Programs managed by the Fresno Housing Authority involve:

  • Building, purchasing, and managing quality affordable housing
  • Maintaining programs to assist homeless individuals and families
  • Partnering with nonprofit and for-profit developers to expand the supply of affordable, multi-family housing developments throughout the city and county
  • Offering an array of options for residents of the city and county of Fresno (who meet eligibility requirements), including rental assistance through Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) and low-income public and affordable housing for individuals and families (including veterans, farm laborers, migrants, seniors, and those in need of permanent supportive housing)
  • Assisting first-time home buyers and those in need of housing counseling services
  • Engaging and supporting low-income people to meet their economic and educational goals, encouraging the acquisition of tools to achieve self-sufficiency.

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Resident of Fresno County.
(559) 443-8400

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