Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA)

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles is a nonprofit law firm that protects and advances the rights of the most underserved in several areas.

1) Eviction Defense -- We offer eligible clients the following services: Counsel and advice regarding housing issues, regardless whether an eviction is pending; Preparing answers to evictions; Preparing tenants for trial when representing themselves; Representing tenants in court

2) Subsidized Housing Issues -- If you are a Section 8 or public housing tenant who is having problems with the Housing Authority, please call us at 800-399-4529. If you are a tenant with a Section 8 voucher, and you are facing the loss of your voucher, we can help you prepare for your hearing.

3) Slum Conditions -- LAFLA helps tenants get repairs to their homes by seeking court-ordered repairs in eviction trials.

4) Rent Control -- LAFLA also assists tenants in protecting their rights under local rent control laws.

We also assist military veterans with housing and landlord-tenant problems.


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People with income less than 125% of the federal poverty guidelines are eligible and may qualify for assistance. Sometimes people with less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines can qualify. Please call to see if you are eligible.
(800) 399-4529

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