San Joaquin Fair Housing

The mission of San Joaquin Fair Housing is to ensure that all members of our community have equal access to safe affordable housing and to eliminate discrimination in housing. We offer these services:

1) Information on tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities.

2) Mediation: We provide mediation as an alternative to resolve housing issues for tenants, property management, and owners. This service is free of charge and is provided in an attempt to avoid the costly and time consuming court system.

3) Seminars: Seminars are provided as an educational outreach to the private and public sectors of the community. To schedule a seminar for your group please
4) Training: We offer training to  landlords and tenants. Landlord training includes fairhousing laws and basic property management including tenant screening, rental agreements, proper notices and compliance with landlord/tenant laws. We also offer training for tenants including how to locate rentals, proper notices to landlords, getting repairs done and tenant obligations.
Training for small groups is done at our office. Arrangements can be made for large group training sessions at your site by contacting our office.
5) Counseling: We offer counseling for landords and tenants. Our counselors are available to help both landlords and tenants to better understand their rights and responsibilities concerning their rental units.
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