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Around 2011 my family and I rented from investors property management and they gave us a house to rent and we were paying every month then in the summertime came the house gets very hot so we ask them to fix the air conditioning which took them a long time and still did nothing so we fixed it and took it from the rent we thought it was okay but it wasn't months later I was short 100 dollars on the rent and they said they would give us the week to pay okay, before the week was up they served eviction papers on us then we had the money but the judge wanted us to pay legal fees and we seen the landlord get one of the lawyers outside the court room for 100 bucks, the judge(Kathleen Jacobs) threw in additional thousand dollars for what I don't know. Then trying to find a place with the 1300 we had the landlord knew this cause we had said  it in court how much we had, then a week goes by and he talks to my husband and said he's sorry and yeah he did that in retaliation but he had another place for us and I told my husband don't believe him but in the end we took it made for sure we had everything in writing now of course the same thing is happen but worse the, still won't fix anything the water bill is way to high 300 even the water company said something is wrong have the landlord fix it, their are rats coming in the house the has been red tagged now we fixed everything off the red tag did what law enforcement told us we writen the certified letter then instead of him fixing it he sent a 60 day notice to leave, main reason why we wrote the letter was because my daughter got hurt because he didn't fix the water knob I. The bathroom that was leaking and we kept telling them and when my daughter took a shower it blew on her and like a firehydrent the hot water was splashing her all we herd was screaming, I have to say thank God she was burned. But I have it on video and I think going to post it since their is no help for tenants at all I called the Riverside legal aid and the lady angles keeps playing games saying I'll call you back in an hour then never calling us back then I call her then she said I left you a voice-mail but she didn't I sat and waited by the phone just to make sure and she didn't she's a liar I go to the county for help nothing they can help with I tried the referrals they handout to you nothing I am lost we have to be out on Friday and theirs no help whatsoever I can't find another place because Of the eviction they already placed on us now I have to figure out motels to live at landlords are so cruel and they think your such a bad person but we're not I've been on my job for five years and I don't know if I can keep it. 

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