Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

My story:
Hey if someone can forward this on up the ladder to local, county, and state representatives who fight for affordable housing for those who rent, I would appreciate it. Let me tell you my story on this property gem right here:
*Friday morning at 8 am I applied to rent this home at the listed price on Trulia Rental App for $1750.
*I spent $75 on the rental application in order for the property management to run credit and background checks on myself and my husband.
*At 4pm that afternoon, I called the property management company to make sure they had received my application. Something in my spirit told me to confirm the price of the rental...
*The property management company proceeded to tell me that because of the "demand" for the home, they increased the price of the property to $1895, in just 8 hours.
*I told her that this is not the advertised price in the rental ad, and I never would have applied to it if I had known that $1750 was NOT the actual price. 
*She proceeds to tell me, "Well you know the market right now, and its a VERY POPULAR home...but you are more than welcome to attend the OPEN HOUSE on the property June 9th."
My thoughts....
*why is there an open house for the property when the number of applicants is already driving the price point by the hour?
*why would I want to go see an open house full of other families who have ALL paid application fees and are competing for a single rental property? Is this a bidders auction? Is this some sort of game?
*why not rent the home at the advertised price to the first qualified applicant??
I will tell you why. This is BIG BUSINESS, and it is a big game. I bet this property management company has collected and collected application fees and has not run a single credit or background check on anyone. Renting a property has become like buying a home. They will go with the highest offer.
This is a monopoly against the poor and the lower middle class. This needs to stop. Families are having to move in with other families just to pay a hefty rent price tag. This is why homelessness is running rampant in Southwest Riverside County. The homeless are everywhere.
My life is not a game. The lives of other families who are just trying to live and raise a family IS NOT A GAME. If you want to have a bidding auction, maybe you should SELL HOMES instead of RENT HOMES. Rent is for those who cannot afford, or cannot qualify to buy a home. Rent at 50-70% of a families total income is robbery, and perpetuates the cycle of poverty in California. Families can never save to buy a home, and will be stuck renting at the mercy of greed, for the rest of their lives.
Something has got to be done about this.

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