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Private Landlord -- Rent Control

I have attempted to move in to a new appartment after just getting in town for work. I am having an issue with the property manager refusing to acmnowledge, a mold or moldew smell in a cupboarder under the sink. I think it is likely mold, my girlfriend and j noticed it as soon as we took possession of the property. We were probably overly trusting and took the keys and also signed the lease and gave a first months rent along with deposit.

The smell has not been cleared up and the propert manger is becoming increasing unprofessional. When we went back to look at the place on Sunday after getting the keys on Friday and asking for cleaning to be done the smell was still present and a smell of gas was present in the building.

The property manger ran in, as he is on cite, with out even having zipped up his pants then turned the gas off.

After these two interactions we do not feel safe here and there seems to clearly be an issue with mold, which we can smell but not see.


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