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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

landlord continually stops by to adjust timer for yard sprinklers. threatened evictions for not having lawnmower or rack, told him hired guy to do lawn, had to meet him to tell him how he wanted grass - I'm paying for svc. I pay water, new ordinance water twice weekly, landlord changed timer and put lock on box - he watering 3 times a week. reported to code compliance. now wants to come over & put low flow shower heads. he stops by every 2-3 weeks. we have no peace in the home we rent. I have IBS, I was out on disability due to stress he caused. I can't afford to move at this time. He raised rent without 30 day notice. He threatens evictions everytime we say no thank you. He now refused to talk to me and will only talk to my wife who does not like dealing with him, this causes her stress. My mom who is 100% disabled and has a service animal came for daughters birthday, he harassed her, told her dog was not allowed per lease, she showed him certification for her dog, gave him phone number to call if he had questions. Told me she could stay 2 weeks, nothing in lease about guests or how long they can stay. Week later he's over taking a picture of her license plate. I need help, don't know how to deal. I have reported and called everyone I can think of. Assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank You. Cole

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