Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- Rent Control

i just recently had my home burn on monday 6-15-15 due to the slumlord that i have/had. he told me from the day that i was going to move in on sep 1 2014 that there were some issues with the home including electrical problems, we continuesly told owner Sonny Wing Chan that we needed to have this issue fixed and he kepted saying he would send someone out but never did, unfortunatley i never called code enforcement, because i was scared of getting kicked out with 7 children. none of my kids were hurt during the fire but are still tramatised and shaky,now the owner is denieying that he never knew about this problem, i also had told hime we were infested with roaches and rats but he never cared. now we are homeless. my husband and family have no weres to go and only red cross is helping us, this slumlord has 15 homes+ and appartments here in fresno and also have more in san diego, he had offered our family one of his vacant homes then on the 17th changed his mind, him and his wife cecilia chan. they also left messageon our phones that we cannot go in the home and take out OUR belongings that got saved!

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