Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

Our landlord became upset after learning my girlfriend rightfully moved in the home.  She began making life difficult by shutting off power, water, cable, cancelling home security services, house cleaner and gardener. When we called the utilities companies we were told that the landlord claims there are unauthorized tenants in her home and did not authorize utility services at the residence of which we rightfully and lawfully lease, with a signed legal and active lease agreement in place.  We have two small children in the home and are unable to transfer utility services into our name or reactivate services as they were.  I did get a Court order signed by the judge authorizing services however, the utility companies still require the landlords approval to reactivate services or that the LL pay her bill before we can transfer services into our name and get utilities running again. Furthermore, evidence has surfaced that the landlord has attempted to hire someone local to break into our home and change the locks and "ensure that we never return again." We have caught the landlords friends stealing our mail, snooping around in our back yard and at one point we came home to find her friend in our bedroom looking around.  The landlord is now attempting to evict us for non payment of rent because there is no water, electricity, plumbing in both toilets and kitchen sink backed up, dishwasher and fridge does not work and we could not afford to stay in hotel and pay rent at same time.  

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