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Government/Public Housing
Section 8

I'm a section 8 voucher holder with a 2 bedroom voucher and 3 disability accommodations under section 8 guidelines signed by our doctors. I've requested to upgrade to a 3 bedroom based on medical issues. However , section 8 says that they only have funding for 2 bedrooms. Can I do anything about that because I'm paying extra for the 3 bedroom. Also I've been the caretaker for my older daughter during her high risk pregnancy and moved her in when she became independent upon my care. I also notified housing regarding her stay but since my daughters delivery who had a C- section required more care during her healing and not post-partum anxiety and depression. I've put in a r equest for my daughter to be added on my voucher due to her continued medical care. Also my daughter that I'm caring for was on my original voucher and when she moved I was asked by housing to remove her as a tenant. But I need to know what is the housing policy for a family member that needs continued medical care and my daughter is homeless with a baby and unemployed including her husband that recently got layed off recently. I'm not asking for an additional room for them but I can't see my daughter and grand baby homeless in the street. She or husband has no criminal record. Please do you have any ideas because when I put in my request to housing they denied her. What can I do for a medically dependent older child?

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