Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I have sublet 2 rooms from a person leasing a home for the last 15 months. 2 months before the lease was up, the lessee decided not to renew his lease and myself and the owner of the home made a verbal agreement that i would lease the home. 1 week before the lease would end, the owner notified me stating that he no longer wanted to lease the house to me. Granted, just the week prior we made arrangements to meet and sign the contract.

Now, the owner tells me that the contract from the other lease is over and I need to leave. 2 weeks ago, lessor notified me that the power would be turned off. I notified the owner and he told me to put the PG&E bill in my name. After I was unable to put the power in my name due to us not having a PG&E required contract, the owner put the power in his name. The water is also in the owners name and it has been since my son and I have rented these rooms. Since the day he blind sided me in informing he was no longer going to lease the house, I have been actively looking for a house to rent in the area.

What are my rights? How long do I actually have until my son and I are removed from home? What if he turns off the power or water?

Thank you, please respond. I want to know where I stand in this matter.

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