Residence Type: 
Single unit

Moved in November- Brown water and Major electrical hazzards told , and physical ly showed landlords with pictures of brown water from pipes. Increased high lead levels in water dye to major pipe corrosion and copper. Molds, termite kick outs fleas, broken doors windows.

NO Prorated rent
No recipts provided by landlord from donations
No repairs until two minirs afterJanuary
The other repairs were too major to do
Inhabitable problems, respiratory problems, breathing& stomach, vomiting all this was to have been repaired. She was informed of ourcconditions and financial status before mive in and got her mortgages paid up. She ownns major carpeting and flooring companies and ither rentals which share similar complaints

Photos and documenrs recorded since day 1

Retalitory actions if slander and having dinirs to make us move saying "Shes just CoNCERND we cant afford the rent." Then said fir ys to willing leave and we firfit iyr depisit

Shirtly after sending bogus unclear wirk irder worjers enterd without my permission property.
Then people coming identity faulse and intentions falsify reasons or purpises
Turning iff utilities. .the worst high wind day my baby was in a breathing nebulizer. .Sherriffs seen my child and nebulizer. .had electric turned on immediatley
Rport #s and evidence all proved
Landlird removed my name utilities and put her neices name edison and officers wittnessed report

All this due to violation of satey and health codes and retaliating harassing trying ti get us to abandon property forfeiting depisit she already spent..I was only able to up liad one if many photos I have dates in these oictures sent from my phone

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