After a harrowing 2 years due to the fires, greedy landlords, and being forced out on streets. I found myself in the crisis stabilization unit in Santa Rosa after a suicide attempt . My fear of being homeless is more than I can bear. Two years later I thought I had found the perfect home in Cotati and I could afford the rent after living with my mother in a converted garage for nearly nine months. The woman that rented me a room for lived in a HUD home off of East Cotati. It turns out it was an illegal rental and her demeanor changed and put me into a very dangerous situation she was eventually evicted and now I'm being evicted it turned into a nightmare. Now I have 5 days to move after her eviction. Thec a.c sheriff posted the note today. I have nowhere to go , I have no hope and I have no idea what I'm going to do.

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