Yuba City
Residence Type: 
Mobile home
Landlord Type: 

Our landlord did a relatitory self help lockout eviction to us .He used us being under a nandatorg evacuation to lock us out.The relatitory conea from me contacting Fema while we where evacuated . This all started on Fen 6. Feb 16 I contacted Fema. Feb 17 was when we met him for the first time .Well not really met he was just pounding & nane calling at 6:45 am over the email I sent Fena. I asked him if he had even read it he had read my email. He said no. March 6 all resisents of oyr long term RV park where alowd to return.But nit us. We where told that there where 2 things required. Both where done by Mer 12. March 12 I txt his park agents to let them no that everything was done & we where hooking up our Rv to move back.Remember no one has told us at this point that we can not move back 5 min after I sent the txt.I recieve a txt stating that there are no spaces. This was our hone for the last 4 1/2 yrs .Rent was never late & we never had a issue.This landlord has still never filed any kind of paper work with the courts. Legal aid sent me to the wrong place with the wrong paper work. All yhe lawyers where we live say we have a vety strong case. But they won't touch it because they have to continue living & working here To top it off our property that was in our space is gone .Thwy where my boyfriend 2 lg electric wheel chairs .Because he has no legs And this last weekend our landlords agents move who did live next to us in the park into our spot.What sad is you try to.look for help online its all for the landlord. What they can do and how to do it. I was asking what I could do about him locking us out and it took me almost 30 days to find this.We don't want to sue .We just want to go hone. There are no otger RV parks with opening.

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