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Single unit
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Shown house by agent of hOmes of Bakersfield in the evening very dark out, House was nice on inside and pool was lit by pool light all other lights out, agent told us the house we had app. On down the street would not be ready when snyivipated but this house was available and ready to move in immediately and I have multiple medical conditions that the pool and spa could help according to my Dr. Do eevswitched our app to this house, Boy do i regret that decision. We moved into the home from hell. The day we moved in was first time we got a good look at the exterior of home. The fence was in horrible shape due to pit bulls living on both sides of us and a mini farm behind us. Did walkthru video showing a green pool with debits in it, found cockroaches in bath and kitchen, no screens on any of the windows except two, no window locks on 4 of them,no door knobs on two exterior doors just deadbolts,no weatherstriping on two exterior doors, gate that was a piece of plywood that wouldn't close at bottom, garage door opener that would lift the garage door but could not make it come don't would get stuck and you had to physupicslly pull down on left dide while pushing remote when it worked first couple of weeks then had to get my daughter to push button while I pulled down. When remotes stopped working after several weeks we gave up and finally had it unhooked and first use unless necessary. On day 5 the neighbors two pitts got into my yard killing my 9 year old lab. A maintenance request was sent by me immediately documenting our problems. After several days, resent the list with additional information, called animal control but nothing was done as owner would not answer the door. Within the next several weeks. The dogs were in our yard about 10 times so animal control was out alot . The house was vandalized three times, house was broken into 5 times, car was stolen, identity theft, and the pool was green for 6 months even though we had a pool service coming once a week and my replacement dog was attacked and almost killed. We continued to send maintenance requests for repairs with no results except for major problems like plumbing or Ac allowing water to run into house in hallway.The only items from original wal thru that were done was replaced gate and did some fence. Fence patching. We couldn't go into back yard to enjoy our green pool because we were terrified the pitts would jump fence and attack one of the grandbabies, My daughter and I were not as concerned for our selves,But we always carried a big pole out whichever door we went we had about five poles.. We moved our dog indoors for its safety also. With no screens we could not open windows to get a cool breeze to save on electricity bill. There was no weatherstriping on garage door into kitchen or the patio allowing bugs into house such as the huge roaches that we saw everywhere on a daily basis. These doors also had no door knobs just deadbolts so no.way to open from inside
Making them unsafe, in the case of an emergency, as an exit. We had plenty of evidence to win but no one told me in handouts or verbally about evidence and foundation so I lost. I want to appeal because I know I could win because I showed he was lying and that his work invoice was false and also caught him in many lies. Judge apologized to me for the verdict but had to follow the letter of the law. I learned a very important lesson also and that was to always check with an attorney for advice and also to see if payments can be worked out cuz you rant going to win on your own due to all the loopholes their attorneys know and we don't. I advise no one in Bakersfield to ever rent from. e Homes of Bakersfield because they are dishonest and only want your money and don't care about their rentals being maintained properly or the tenants being able to utilize what was advertised to them and what was guaranteed in your lease. Slumloards for sure. Doing business as e Homes of Bakersfiled

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