San Francisco
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

Today at 1:45pm EST I received a knock on my apartment door and I looked in the peephole to a unknown white female in a black blouse. I asked her who she was and she stated that she had “something to give me.” When I refused to open the door she became enraged and started kicking and bamming the door. I immediately called security feeling endangered. When I realized she was getting more enraged I called 911. When the police arrived I stated what happened and the lady walked off. Two men were standing outside my door as well and I asked if they were security and they stated they were maintenance men. A call was placed to security at 1:47pm and 2:05pm and no one showed up until 2:21pm. My door is now damaged and no record of this incident is recorded with security so I want to file a formal complaint on the security company as well as proceed with a harassment complaint on the woman in question and propert fit poorly responding to my complaint. I called the office and asked to speak with the manager who was dismissive and combative. I felt that the responsiveness to this matter was beyond poor even after immediately calling for help. A guard with badge 124 showed up at 2:21pm and stated that he went to the office first before coming to my unit. He stated that the woman in question was in the office and he spoke with her. I advised him that I feel threatened, attacked and do not feel safe at the propety. The security officer He asked only for the females race and stated that was all he needed. He refused to provide me his name. Two officers arrived at my apartment between 5:45pm and 6:00pm and advised me that they were responding to my call. The officers then went on to state that the leasing office staff did not want any face to face contact with me and advised them that I have been “in the eviction process for over a year.”

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