Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- Rent Control

I moved into Heron Pointe with the expectation of living in a luxury apartment. But until this day it has not happened. The floor on my kitchen has not been fixed in living here almost two years. My bathroom sinks were both rusted, they have installed one new sink and I am still waiting on the second sink, besides there are cigarette stains all over the counter. Our mirrors in the bathroom, were rusted and old, they did not install new mirrors until I demanded them, until this day, they have not returned to paint the wall where there is different coloring differs, as they installed a mirror that was not the correct size. I have carpet through my entire unit. Making it impossible for anyone to receive their deposit back when they leave. I was being evicted back in October 2014, because I wasn't aware of a rent increase and I pay entirely too much for water & trash for two people, my reasoning would be that we have ponds that are unwanted for the unsanitary conditions they provoke, by attracting Mallard ducks and Canadian geese, that eventually die in the ponds and leave feces everywhere you walk in the complex. The fence surrounding the property is rusted and old, it does not prevent people from outside the property to enter. And it is located next to the train tracks, a feature that is completely left out at the time of signing a lease. I am over paying for an apartment that otherwise would not be worth half of my rent if located on a different part of town. They allow us three days late rent, and upon the fourth hand you or tape an eviction notice on your door. Currently I have had maintenance come out 5 times to repair my a/c unit in the last 3 weeks and it still hasn't worked, today it will be 107° in Fresno. When I called to complain to corporate about my situation, the apartment manager decided I had an account with too many fees and that's when I received an eviction notice and process began. I stopped it by mentioning renters rights. Still no repairs.

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