Tenant Voices

Bellflower, Los Angeles
hi my name is Margarita, 
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
My name is Roland and I am writing for my 78 year old mother, Gladys. She recently fell getting out of the shower and injured herself. She made a request to the property management firm for them to buy and install grab rails in the bathroom for her safety. She was told that she would have to pay... continue reading
Fresno, Fresno
Mutiple evictions from new managment. Nickle and dimeing tenants with threat of eviction. Safety issues. Many spanish speaking only are discriminated.
valencia, Los Angeles
I live in an apartment complex in the Santa Clarita Valley. I have lived at this location for about four years. I recently got my renewal notice from the management. I was horrified to learn that my rent is being increased by 7%. I was not given enough notice to move out, so I am now in a bad... continue reading
El Dorado Hills, El Dorado
We signed a lease in 2008; paid a security deposit; the house went into foreclosure in 2009; we signed a new lease with the buyer in 2009 and paid an additional security deposit-we are moving out soon; is he obligated to refund our initial deposit from the 2008 lease?
L. A., Los Angeles
Hello, I'm A Husband And Father That's Been Going Thru Hardship... I Have Been Living With My Parents For Nearly 3 Years Due To The Dissolution Of My Previous Relationship. I Have Been Trying And Trying To Get Back On My Feet... I Was Enrolled In A Trade Tech College And Just In The Middle Of My... continue reading
San Diego, San Diego
Susan has been living in this home for 20+ years and I (Russell) have been living here for 14+ years. The home we live in is a 3 bedroom, 1 and 1/2 bath home with a double car garage. The home was rented thru a property management firm. The house was originally rented to us below the market value... continue reading
Napa, Napa
Our home was coded For nine violations within a five day period we were given 60day notice. Then we have since found out that the water in the house is a slew of reasons bottom line being Ive been deathly ill for a year and half. And now were informed we've all been exposed to heavy metal poisening... continue reading
Venice, Los Angeles
I'd like to know my rights in this matter. I live in a four-plex building. Currently there are only 3 residents in the building; me, my neighbor with his roommate and dog. They gave me and my neighbor a voluntary termination of tenancy letter and a 60 day notice of tennant termination form and... continue reading
San Diego, San Diego
My apartment was infected with BED BUGS. The apartment manager had it inspected and they said that I must throw my bed away and they would spray. The building has had this problem in the past and I have proof that I didn't cause the problem. I asked them to replace my full sized mattress and they... continue reading
Upland, San Bernardino
We never received a court date! I Know we are being discriminated against!!! Found out today that our landlord is supposed to mail us the trial date because he had restrictions on his vacation time. We have never received anything There is no trial date! I called the court and asked why we have... continue reading
Hemet, Riverside
I rented a house in Hemet back on Jan 1,2013 to present--after a few weeks my nightmare began--would get sick and started smelling funny smells-complained to owner about mold in the house and was told I was breathing the dirt n all from outside-but I got really sick and got tired of hearing my... continue reading
San Anselmo, Marin
They say they have to be in my appartment anytime they want as many times as they want and for reasons that have them in my appartment almost every week for one thing or another even if there is nothing wrong or reporte to them as wrong.Today their excuse ws prvenative matainance,like they do what... continue reading
Modesto, Stanislaus
I've worked on and off with Tenants Together up until the notices. I am not sure how many or what number I'm on. Today after calling multiple times a month to stay in the know, I was advised the LL filed a proof of service. I called on Wed morning and paper were filed later that evening. so when I... continue reading
Fairfield, Solano
Since I've been here 5 years ago, this was my very first ap. And upon signing and taken him at his word. I found roaches, spiders, and stains of what I believe to be mold. My stove went out last year, it took four months to get another one. and when the a/c went out knowing how long it took for a... continue reading
Sacramento, Sacramento
I am having some serious difficulties here in Sacramento California.
Oakhurst, Madera
My mother has mental problems. She filed a t.r.o lying to have law enforcement kick me my two kids and husband out. We are homeless now. She did not want t o wait out our 30 notice we gave. She abused my kids. We are trying to figure out our renter rights.We paid almost all her bills including rent
Oakland, Alameda
My experience is not related to me as a tenant but as a staff member. A few of us know of these mismanagement practices by staff either due to incompetence and lack of professionalism or ethics. Many former staff members have sued the management for unfair treatments and had settled with most of... continue reading
Sacramento, Sacramento
Management made financial errors on my lease during move in costs, knowingly. Would not correct. My apartment was not repaired or cleaned by move in date. I had to wait 10 more days while they were supposed to finish, but they didn't, and I was paying rent at 2 places while this was happening. The... continue reading
Sunnyvale, Santa Clara
I have lived at this location since July 1992. I am retired, on a fixed income. My landlord, when raising the rent justifies by comparing newer and upgraded properties in the immediate area. Ther is an increase in new developments in the South Bay, but very little constructions for affordable... continue reading
San Francisco, San Francisco
After 18yrs I am being evicted (omi) and in San Francisco Inner Richmond, my daughter and I have no where to relocate

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