Tenant Voices

Bellflower, Los Angeles
hi my name is Margarita, 
Vacaville, Solano
landlord continually stops by to adjust timer for yard sprinklers. threatened evictions for not having lawnmower or rack, told him hired guy to do lawn, had to meet him to tell him how he wanted grass - I'm paying for svc. I pay water, new ordinance water twice weekly, landlord changed timer and... continue reading
Rohnert Park, Sonoma
got behind on rent, mobile home park filed UD. I answered. went to court on 6/30 made a stipulated agreement I was to pay $2000. down and $900 on top of rent until, back rent paid, started on 7/15 and th 15th of the month until paid $4300 owed in back rent and $1800 attorneys fees and court costs... continue reading
Long Beach, Los Angeles
After attempted to evict us the first time, the judge ruled in our favor for them having breached contract.due to uninhabitability, severe t roach infestation and judge lowered our rent.onwner retaliated and on filed a second eviction,no merit,no privity,frivolous.we gave $6500 in court. On 3/17/... continue reading
Placetia, Orange
A domestic crime victim and daughter a crime victim herself after reporting landlord sued because i had to relocate for our safety and Landlord has now taken all of our basic living resources even my disables daughter benefits and haven found anyone to help
Palm Springs, Riverside
My son lives in Glendale Ca. with his other mom for shook and visits me on weekends. When he comes he plays in the play area right out my door, usually soccer with the kids in my complex. We have a new Manager who had without my knowledge last November told the kids they could not play there... continue reading
Brentwood, Contra Costa
I have sublet 2 rooms from a person leasing a home for the last 15 months. 2 months before the lease was up, the lessee decided not to renew his lease and myself and the owner of the home made a verbal agreement that i would lease the home. 1 week before the lease would end, the owner notified me... continue reading
Sacramento, Sacramento
In June of 2012, my three children and i moved into a 4 vedroom rental unit with the assistance of the government (section 8). What started as a happy beginning, quickly became one of the hardest struggle ive ever encountered.
Martinez, Contra Costa
My issue is more general and a common frustration among people like myself, who make too much money to qualify for "affordable housing" but not enough to afford the rising rents.
Sacramento, Yolo
Hola mi nonbre es mary perdon pero notengo animo para escribir la verdad ya estoy muy cansada de luchar y luchar buscando alguna persona que pueda ayudarme siento ganas de morir ya son muchos los anos de sufrimiento agreciones acoso difamacion rasismo y discriminacion como abuso angustias dolores... continue reading
Carson, Los Angeles
In March of 2013 I rented a townhouse through a property management company. I pay my rent through a direct deposit on website. On May 1, 2015, I went online and paid my rent. The system was unusually slow as the company is updating it. A week or so later sent me an email and then a notice that I... continue reading
West Hollywood, Los Angeles
I was diagnosed with AIDS in 1995. I am disabled since 2007 and will be 65 in October. The property where I live has been sold to a developer who, first thing, indicated he wanted my roommate and me to move out. This is the SECOND TIME in less than ten years that I am being "Ellis Act-ed" out of... continue reading
North Hollywood, Los Angeles
I moved in with a guy in the police academy. A week later his mom comes over and says oh you have to leave we rented room out to someone else AFTER I already moved in. They refused my money and I wasn't able to just leave after just moving in. She did not live there. So they started to harass me.... continue reading
Fremont, Alameda
My apartment was flooded on June 19. The landlord did nothing to fix the problem until June 26. I had renter's insurance that paid $5000 in hotels. There were weeks where the landlord did no corrective work. On July 8, the apt manager called to say I could move in on July 9. I called the movers to... continue reading
Visalia, Tulare
I moved into the complex four years ago, after receiving a Housing Choice Voucher. The apartment was not painted nor was the carpet cleaned. However, the complex was friendly. Last year, the on-site manager, who had managed the complex for 15 years, was suddenly replaced by a property management... continue reading
Fontana, San Bernardino
I'm a section 8 voucher holder with a 2 bedroom voucher and 3 disability accommodations under section 8 guidelines signed by our doctors. I've requested to upgrade to a 3 bedroom based on medical issues. However , section 8 says that they only have funding for 2 bedrooms. Can I do... continue reading
Bakersfield, Kern
Shown house by agent of hOmes of Bakersfield in the evening very dark out, House was nice on inside and pool was lit by pool light all other lights out, agent told us the house we had app. On down the street would not be ready when snyivipated but this house was available and ready to move in... continue reading
Stockton, San Joaquin
I was homeless for almost a year and then spent the last year in an apartment in an extremely dangerous area to have a roof over my head. I have found a wonderful room to rent but am $200 short for a security deposit. I desperately need help. I just want to feel safe again! Please any help would be... continue reading
Kerman, Fresno
We moved into our unit in march 2012 the owner recently sold the apartments in April 2015 so I guess we aren't on a lease the landlord is charging everyone different rent my rent went up 100$ so in April the new landlord took our rent and a couple days later said oh I need to do repairs for which... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
Hello my name is Gabriela I use to stay at michigan ave Los angeles my nightmare began about more than a year ago when my water&power were disconnected due to non payment Disconnected 08-00-00 anyways i tried calling my landlord about the fact that even tho it was a breach of.contract on his... continue reading
Fresno, Fresno
I moved into Heron Pointe with the expectation of living in a luxury apartment. But until this day it has not happened. The floor on my kitchen has not been fixed in living here almost two years. My bathroom sinks were both rusted, they have installed one new sink and I am still waiting on the... continue reading

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