Tenant Voices

Bellflower, Los Angeles
hi my name is Margarita, 
Oroville, Butte
I paid my rent and mailed it out by personal check. Someone stole the check and forged my landlord's name and endorsed it to themselves. Cashed it at my same bank (BoA). I filed a fraud claim and a police report. The landlord is demanding rent by tomorrow or we will be evicted. We are a family of... continue reading
Vallejo, Solano
30 days after reporting extensive damage to our unit the Property manager finally came by to.inspect our damage @which time they determined our unit was not safe to ocuppy and gave us verbal move it to a hotel now...they did return 1/2 our rent for that 30 day period and all remaining rent to Oct... continue reading
Sacramento, Sacramento
I have been fighting for habitability for 8 years. Now, the ceiling is collapsing and park management is still looking for a cheap way out of replacement.
Turlock, Stanislaus
Rent was raised for same unit size and type for other tenants only one month before $15.00 but when I got my lease renewal mine was $20.00. DO they not in one calendar year have to raise the rent the same for each tenant?
Angelus Oaks, San Bernardino
I live at a camping resort full time in my mobile home, been here 3 years. I have one of only 3 full time motorhome spaces available. I am month to month. My best friend used to live here but gave 30 day notice 5 months ago when he couldnt make his rent, he also got in a heated argument with his... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
I've resided in my 2 fl, 2brm apt.(in my unit)for 19 years ! 3rd/latest landlord of 1.5 years,30 yrs my junior is Ellising me. I do qualify for and already have in escrow the highest relocation fee.I have about 9 more months until I have to vacate. BUT, I don't want the money.I want to stay in my... continue reading
Victorville, San Bernardino
I rented a house with a 1 year lease (beginning 6/2014 ending 6/2015. Later found out the house was in default & in foreclosure. Real estate agents kept coming by my house offering cash for keys (which turned out were bogus). Another real 2 estate agents with their client demanded to enter... continue reading
San Mateo, San Mateo
I have lived at Creekside Apartments since 2009 - but for the last two years under duress. My rent was increased 40% in 2012 when the San Mateo county average for similar units was just 14%. No negotiation, just a promise of renovation at some point in the future and the choice phrase from the... continue reading
Clovis, Fresno
We had a fire in our apartment that started in the next door neighbors apartment and spread through our apartment. The fire started due to a propane BBQ that got our of control. We lost most of possessions and our animals in the fire. The apartment complex said that they could get us into another... continue reading
Poway, San Diego
We have rented for 4 yrs the residential home attached to commercial liquor store. Landlord is owner of store/property. He tried to get city of poway to zone house as residential but city said no. So we live on a house on a commercial lot. Sdge raised rates. Old bill for our usage was around $50-... continue reading
Murrieta, Los Angeles
anyone having issues with companies Rancho Horizon LLC and Griffin Residental you should email help@ranchohorizonllc.com these are people who had bad dealing with them and want to get people together as they are fighting them. Not a company but a family standing up for the rights of tenants !
Modesto, Stanislaus
I lost my home of 15 yrs in Ceres in 2008. Moved into a rental in Modesto,Ca. till March 2011 when the landlord foreclosed on the home while taking rent from us. We had to move. My wife and I with our two sons, entered a rental agreement of a 3 bedroom,2 bath home in April 2011 in Ceres,Ca. from a... continue reading
San Leandro, Alameda
My landlord has informed tenants that R.U.B.S. will start on Oct.1, Max $75 per month. Why do tenants hae to pay his expenses for water (including landscape water, outside lighting,and garbage collection! Is this legal?
El Cajon, San Diego
We rented a place for parking my 6 cars, not for the house and this was talked about and agreed apon. To add the mans statement of do whatever you want I mean I will come by said it would be nice to put up a car port and or shed due to no garage my husband myself and Mr. A signed my husband written... continue reading
Fairfield, Solano
Our landlord's behavior toward my wife and me has been uniquely egregious. I'll share some highlights here for brevity; you might want to call me for specifics, because I believe our experiences and how we've responded to our landlord's actions may be of great help to your readers. Summary: In... continue reading
Los Alamitos, Orange
This case is on appeal in 2014 for the second time.
Oakland, Alameda
Fraudulent unlawful detainer. Landlord submit eviction for non payment of rent. Landlord accepted rent after paperwork was accepted. Landlord arrangement and continued to received rents.
Pleasant Hill, Contra Costa
After my rental was in foreclosure for over 3 years, it sold at auction and i met the investors from hell. Long story short, know your rights, document every single thing that happens, and you will most likely need a lawyer. These guys hired an attorney, and filed eviction on me. In CoCo... continue reading
cresent city, Del Norte
we downsized from a house to an apartment to save money on rent and utilities. The first week in the water heater leaked all over the floor. Supposedly it was replaced with a new one but I think that was not the case because when I saw my electric bill it was three times higher than it ever was... continue reading
San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo
My housemate and I moved in to our new rental house on 6/28, and turned the water utility on 6/27 (Friday - business day). We received our first water bill for 6/27 - 7/22 on 8/15 and it was $204 not including the $60 initial setup fee. That was 15 units of water used for the month, which is 330... continue reading

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