June Tenant News Statewide Roundup

Monday, July 8, 2019
Tenants Together

It's been a big month for tenants' rights. While many renter protection bills are struggline at the state level, including SB 529, our tenants' right to organize bill, we've seen major victories not only in New York but in our own backyard, including welcoming TWO PERMANENT rent control ordinances in California: Alameda and Inglewood.
That's HUGE! At least 30,000 more renter households are protected with just these two cities combined.

(Credit: Uplift Inglewood)
Alameda: Following on the heels of their just-cause win in May, member organization Alameda Renters' Coalition added permanent rent control to their city's tenant protections. This is the result of over four years of organizing from the ground up, launching a new tenants' union, an attempted ballot measure, and many fights at city council. We are so proud of activists in Alameda for their hard work and dedication.
Inglewood: After four years of organizing, the Uplift Inglewood coalition of community groups persuaded the Inglewood City Council to pass permanent rent control, just-cause and tenant relocation ordinances. Rents are capped at 5% per year, and tenant relocation is triggered at 4%. Huge congratulations to the coalition for pushing the city to lower the cap from 8%, and make Inglewood California's latest rent control city! 


Culver City: Thanks to the efforts of POWER LA and partners, Culver City has passed a 1-year rent freeze while it studies whether to move forward with a more permanent rent control ordinance.
Hayward: The Hayward City Council passed an ordinance for mandatory rent review (mediation) and anti-discrimination protections for renters using housing vouchers. Hayward expanded just-cause protections earlier this year, and our allies at Hayward Collective will keep pushing for new wins!
Long Beach: The Long Beach City Council passed a tenant relocation ordinance on June 11th that will require payments of up to $4500 when a landlord increases rents more than 10% or the renter is evicted without cause. Thanks to the hard work of TT member organization Housing Long Beach, this ordinance is the first-ever renter protection ever passed in the city!
San Leandro: After strong grassroots advocacy from Tenants Together volunteer counselor Gina McKay and other organized renters in the city, the San Leandro City Council adopted rent stabilization and just-cause ordinance for mobile home parks. People power gets the goods!


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