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Chicago organizations work to inform area renters how to assert their rights against banks trying to evict them following a landlord foreclosure.
On February 18, 2014, renters and allies united in Sacramento for a march on the Capitol to demand a fair shake for California renters.
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  • Ellis Act
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Assemblymember Hancock's bill would have strengthened protections for tenants against utility shutoffs in foreclosure situations.
East Palo Alto's biggest landlord, Page Mill Properties, suffered a legal setback Tuesday when a San Mateo County judge granted an injunction barring it from raising rents at its properties. Tenants claim Page Mill has set up sham companies to exploit an exemption to rent control for small property owners.
"A new law offers a stark choice for South Florida condo renters living in units owned by people who are behind on their maintenance fees: Fork over the rent money to the association, or face eviction."

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