Organizational Membership

Tenants Together offers three ways for organizations to join:
  • Members: Tenant or tenant-attorney groups working at the local or regional level 
  • Partners: Other organizations committing resources to fight for renters’ rights
  • Allies: Other organizations that want to show up and support Tenants Together 

See our current list of affiliated organizations.

Email us today to start the conversation about joining Tenants Together! We're excited to welcome folks into the movement, but we have a process to get to know each other better first before inviting organizations to join.

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Member Organizations (our coalition): 
Tenant groups or tenant advocates working at the local or regional level for renters’ rights. 
Tenants Together works to build capacity of member organizations, build solidarity among member organizations, develop shared strategies, and represent the interests of our member organizations. To join, a group must meet all of following criteria:
1. You are building tenant power or advancing tenant rights at the local or regional level;
2. Your group works to build a base of tenant members, tenant member organizations, or provides direct service to tenants;
3. If you are a legal group, you do not conflict with grassroots base-building organizations;
4. You commit to engage in our coalition to build tenant power collectively statewide and present a united front against big real-estate;
5. Your organization is not organized for profit;
6. You contribute to our collective efforts with the resources you have available. This takes the form of solidarity dues (based on whether you have funds) and/or contributing your knowledge and organizing skills so that other groups can building their capacity as well.
7. Coalitions/networks can join if all organizational members in the coalition or network agree and are joining as their own organization as well.


Being a member organization of Tenants Together means:

  • You have a leadership role in our statewide coalition for renters’ rights
  • Staff and partners will provide technical assistance on your tenants’ rights campaigns
  • You will have access to, and help us provide webinars and trainings
  • You will be part of a supportive network of tenant groups and tenant attorneys
  • You will have a statewide platform to uplift your news through social media and our email list


Partners (our network): 
Nonprofits, coalitions and networks prioritizing renters’ rights. Statewide and national groups welcome, as are groups that primarily work on an intersecting area of social, environmental or economic justice. To qualify as partner organizations, a group must meet all of following criteria: 
2. Does not organize, educate, or represent residential landlords;
3. Commits to contribute time and resources to work closely with Tenants Together to advance renters rights;
4. Makes sliding scale donations to Tenants Together annually to support our work.
5. Not organized for profit.

Allies (our network): 
Groups who reliably support or show up in the fight for rights of renters. Allied organizations must meet the following criteria:
1. Support tenant rights by signing support letters or attending mobilizations;
3. Contributes time, money, or other resources to support TT’s work.

Annual donations are on a sliding scale depending on your budget.
Members tend to be able to contribute more in time than money, while the reverse is true for most allied organizations.
Member organizations:
$100, $250, or $500: (Budget $250k or under, budget over $250k, budget over $500k)
Partner organizations:
$250, $500, or $1000: (Budget $500k or under, over $500k, or over $1 million)
Ally organizations:
$500, $1000, or $2000: (Budget $500k or under, over $500k, or over $1 million)

Email us today to start the conversation about becoming an affiliated organization of Tenants Together!

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