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This law firm represents tenants in all types of disputes with landlords, property managers, resident managers, and master tenants, in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, Albany, and Alameda. Cases include: eviction defense, rent board cases, harassment, unlawful retaliation, tenancy buyouts, etc. Clients must have email or ready access to email. Principal Oman was legal services attorney for about 20 years. Initial consultations (2 hours: 1 hour to read papers and 1 hour face-to-face meeting) cost $125 if no existing lawsuit and $250 if lawsuit has been filed. Representation can be limited scope (e.g. counseling and investigation only, with or without direct negotiation with landlord or landlord's attorney) or full litigation representation.
**This attorney is a member of the Tenant Lawyer Network of California (TLN). The TLN is a professional association of dues-paying tenant lawyers operated by Tenants Together. The TLN is not a lawyer referral service. TLN members do not share fees with TLN or Tenants Together or pay any referral fee. TLN members have been sponsored by three TLN members, confirmed to Tenants Together that they are committed to the defense of tenants rights, and certified to Tenants Together that they represent residential tenants, not landlords. For more information about the Tenant Lawyer Network, visit

Clients must have email or ready access to email.
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