Palm Springs
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Single unit
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My son lives in Glendale Ca. with his other mom for shook and visits me on weekends. When he comes he plays in the play area right out my door, usually soccer with the kids in my complex. We have a new Manager who had without my knowledge last November told the kids they could not play there because a window had been broken and they had to go to the park next door which was not safe. I looked outside and saw my son was gone called him and went to the park immediately where the boys from the complex were including my son were playing soccer. There was a man watching them doing lewd acts, I took a picture and called the police. The officer came and caught him in the act. The boys saw what he was doing but most of them didn't care. The officer asked them and spoke to their parents because they were minors. The man had a record in many states and of course did not register in our country when he moved here. He said his mom lived in our complex to the officer. After many dealings with the D.A., the Mgr. and every person up the corporate ladder here it was clear that all they cared about was the incident did not happen on their property. The D.A. agreed I would be a victim of retaliation and harassment and I have been. I have been given at least 3 "final notices", for nothing but heresy and lies the latest a letter from an Atty. after I confronted on the property by a friend of the offender who asked me if I knew what "street justice" is? Of course it was just him and I so like every incident the Mgr. cites it's heresy. Not long ago the offender was on the property, I knew from the D.A. He was orders to wear an ankle bracelet and stay 100 yards away from the park. The house he claimed he lived at is less than 100 yards from the park. I called the police and he was arrested for warrants. I didn't tell the Mgr. because she doesn't care! The Company that runs this complex doesn't care! I told the offender in front of the officer if he came after my son or myself I would kill him myself and I was not arrested. The officer suggested I get a taser for protection. The children still play soccer here, my son comes less. A boy broke a window and the father and I agreed that the boys should split the cost, my son paid his share. The Mgr. at the pool party which I had no idea was happening when my son was here gave both my 13 year old old son and nephew Barbie dolls in the raffle. That was inappropriate and they were called gay by the other boys all day. They gave them to girls immediately but she is unprofessional and will do anything to evict me. I am not going to leave my apartment because she is a bully and a liar. I feel bad for her staff, they are all very nice and have to do what she says just to keep their jobs. The tenants here are afraid of her because they can't afford to move. This woman is a bully and I have a first amendment right to voice my opinion. Please help me, if I get evicted I will not have a place to go and I know she will not give me my security deposit even though my apartment is immaculate!!

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