Los Angeles
Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

Hello. First I want say I am just getting over unlawful foreclosure actions by a corrupt HOA President and then an equally corrupt bank. It's been a decade, still stings badly, and I thought I'd learned what to avoid. Now, as an inured renter, I'm right back in the middle of such a disturbingly corrupt situation I can barely speak of it. A tub overflows, water is cleaned up, all in 30 minutes time. The neighbor below me has a dripping event in the bathroom below. Also clean in the same 30 minutes. Industry blowers used to be safe. But moisture readings pin and other, not showing moisture. No visible moisture. About asuch water as you would expect kids in a bathtub to leave behind on a bathroom floor. Large corporate landlord contacts my renter insurer. Keeps telling me all is covered...completely. Even considering the landlord remedy of tearing down both bathrooms and in to the kitchen downstairs. Insurance company adjustor reports no damage. Landlord contractor reports extensive damage. Employees of landlord report in conflict with landlord but in confidence. My measurements of moisture, video of conditions, and honest description of events cast aside and repairs are forced. In fact I was threatened with eviction if I did honor an abusive Notice To Enter. They have completed extensive repairs without any opportunity for outside opinions, denied entry in to the unit bow, denied inspection of materials taken out of the property, fraudulently readings, fraudulent invoicing, removal and construction that no industry standard supports. The insurance company will claim exclusions require they decline claims. Landlord and more specifically the property manager (over 500 units) , has lied, manipulated, and abused us in several ways. Has done the same with legal protections of ours. Waiting for the hammer to drop as to what they expect to make us pay as those responsible for a tub overflow that honestly...was so trivial, it caused no damage in and of itself. Its basically a mugging that will have me paying for what the landlord should be paying for...Because the landlord pays for maintenance of his own property. Its opportunistic, and just plain fraud. One contractor given the opportunity to write their own ticket. No competition, and the contractor they "always use". Shur-Dry California. Even with them " always using "Shur-Dry", it difficult to find that they even exist?? Property manager responsible for it all....and won't provide any details before or after work done? More disturbing...Iwa on or the first handful of people to move in to a new building, and $200,000 + later, this is the thanks I get. I just want a fair shake. I'm not a something for nothing person. I'm literally sick, daily, because somehow it's happening again to me. Its on a smaller scale, but its no less difficult to swallow. I need help. I need someone to say that there is someone who goes after these insignificant little power trolls. I need someone that understands how it feels to be presented with lies and distorted details, and it makes them burst in to remedy mode. Is there such people...I'm begging to know at this point. I'm sorry if grammar has mistakes. I really can't bear to read it again. Thank you

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