Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- Rent Control

I spoke to Sabrina today one of the housing counselors and she told me to share my story. I really need it published I need to draw attention as I am sure there are more people like me.
I have lived in a rent controlled building for 15 years, I am a good tenant always paid on time no issues. I live in a studio apt, the lease is under my name. My parents are now 70 and 80 years so the time has come for them to live with me. I am the only children. I began asking my landlord for an apartment transfer in the middle of March over three months. My landlord kept giving me the run around. Finally, in the middle of May he tells me that my parents even though they are "additional occupants" only - and are my dependents and are elderly and disabled, he ran credit checks on them. I found a note on my door that my father did not pass the credit check, my father is 80 years old. He got sick and had to stop working so like many people in that case unsecured debt had to be let go. I then sought the advice of an attorney, my attorney worte three letters to landlord stating that I am the leaseholder, have been there 15 years, will act as a guarantor and have the income to support the transfer the new apt is 10.00 more per month only. So my lawyer wrote two more letters and finally after a month on June 8th my landlord told my lawyer that no, my 80 year eldery and disabled father who is a USMC Vietnam Veteran can't live with me. My parents will be homeless if I cannot obtain a transfer as they have to leave their current home. My lawyer offered two months rent in advance and told the landlord that needed to make an accommodation and he still said no. My landlord is refusing to allow my 80 year old father to live with me? and I have been a tenant for 15 years. My parents have retirement income but even without that I can support the apartment. please get my story out here.

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