Residence Type: 
Mobile home
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

Recently my Mobile home park has been under new ownership. The new landlords have been making tenants who have been living in the park for decades do drastic changes such as, getting rid plants, bikes, cars, sheds, ect. They show up and go onto the spaces and inspect once a week with out any notice. Its come to a point where its overwhelming and stressful to recived a 7 day notice to remove a bicycle. There is also no visitor parking and only allowed 2 cars at the space rented. If I want to have a visitor over, i must removed one of my cars and park somewhere out of the park. In other words, no more than 2 cars are allowed at all times. The whole community feel harrassed because they threat with evictions if not comply, tenants have been here for decades and did not had to go thru this ordeal before the old landlords. They threat tenants with evictions and fees. They charge for trash, but most of the times trash bins are overflowing. I dont know if its legal for them to show up once a week and go thru your rented space looking for a reason to give a 7 day notice or to make me leave the park. So, please let me know what steps do I have to take. Thanks

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