Residence Type: 
3 or 4 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

We moved into our unit in march 2012 the owner recently sold the apartments in April 2015 so I guess we aren't on a lease the landlord is charging everyone different rent my rent went up 100$ so in April the new landlord took our rent and a couple days later said oh I need to do repairs for which we have to stay elsewhere becaise of mold problems and he was going to put carpet in the spare bedroom he didn't want to give me storage fees or rehoming fees he just wasn't going to charge us may he told us either move out or let us do the repairs said we have no renters rights because we don't have a lease yet..okay so we budged because if we didnt let him do the repairs we would have to find a new home..he wanted us to take all our stuff furniture everything with us which is fishy to we told him either u pay for storage or we are going to store our stuff in our bedroom he agreed... So we move on the 10th n my husband finds the handyman going through our belongings and later Denys doing so.. Anyways on the 20th the landlords dad tells my husband u need to move ur stuff because we need to put new carpet in and gets into it with my husband because we were staying caddycorner same apartment unit and says u need to move all ur stuff because my grand daughters going to live there... Oh no we were taken out of our home under false pretenses..he had changed the front lock n didn't give us no key.. N says were not renting to u guys anymore u have til the first of June to get all ur belongings out.. So we just came back on the 21st..n told them no more repairs were going back to our apartment.. We come back n the restroom is untouched which was suppossed to be getting fixed..these people are painting and doing little repairs like you would do if soneoen moved out..the Landlord then gives me a list of expenses and past due rent receipts mind you we didn't stay all of may we came back the 22nd.. N then tells us be out by June 5 or I'm going to court to evict u guys...saying he already gave us a 60day notice..uhm nope we played u April n we didnt stay all of may so how is that a 60day..he comes back June 10th puts a notice on the door for 60day notice which ends end of July..

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