Rio Nido

I was in the hospital for 10 days from respiratory arrest then cardiac arrest and due to have surgery very soon and my heart issues is life threatening and i have not been able to find a place for rent for a year now and homeless couch surfing with my 3 therapy animals and i am deaf ..  no one is taking housing anywhere and in having a very very difficult time with cimmunication issues trying to contact places and landlords and most of the time they do not respond  thid whole thing is very very challanging and stressfull i need a lot of help on this matter cuz i could have an attack any time soon and need surgery and s home to recover in otherwise i will die if this keeps up any longer i am too young to be dying..  i must have a valve replacement asap because the fluids went into my lungs which is why i need surgery and a home to recover in. I have asked for help in numerous places my mother is trying to help too.. i need more help to get me in a ,safe place asap.  

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