Residence Type: 
Mobile home
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

Hi my name is Veronica and i'm in need of help and getting a lawyer. My landlord has been doing some illegal stuff around the property and as a result my PG&E got shut off. I could not put in my name or anyone elses because PG&E was requesting a legit lease from the landlord, but he would not give me one what he provided was a hand written lease stating my residence. So I went out bought some generators to keep cool in my house that i shared with other tenants, well I bought a generator to keep cool and of course i would'nt wake up if my cousin had got there 30min later i would be dead right now. I'm being evicted because i called over PG&E to ask why was my PG&E off. The landlord had told me to never call over PG&E I didn't know why then but now I do. Code enforcement had came to the property and gave the landlord 30 days to fix all 27 violations codes, I don't know what to do because in ten more days code enforcement will come shut down the property. 

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