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Tenants Together is dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of California tenants to safe, decent and affordable housing.

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Help may be on the way for the 80 poor people being evicted from a downtown apartment building Modesto is condemning. Social service agencies will meet this week with the tenants, and a Bay Area attorney says he expects to sue the landlord on behalf of the tenants. Modesto has declared the two-... continue reading
Few facets of our society offer a better display of the depravity of capitalism than the housing industry. Recently, the Grenfell Tower tragedy killed hundreds of poor people and displaced hundreds more in London. In the United States, we have also seen the displacement of thousands, if not... continue reading
Tenants who rent homes from one of America’s largest corporate landlords are asking the company to stop increasing their rent and address what they say is endemic neglect of the properties.
Los Angeles ranked among the top cities for "cost-burdened" renters in the latest "State of the Nation's Housing" report from Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies. Greater L.A., including Orange County, was grouped with Miami, New York, Daytona Beach, Riverside and Honolulu when it comes to... continue reading

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Stockton, San Joaquin
I was the on-site manager. I was fired for fixing the apartments to gov code . I was doing my job. Owners were not in compliance with housing standards . Now they have sent people to break my windows they have been harassing me for months now. I have also been served with a three day notice. 


California State Assembly Bill 291 (Chiu) would improve protections for immigrant tenants against intimidation and retaliation by landlords. This bill proactively addresses rising dangers facing both documented and undocumented immigrants in California.


Download resources to organize for rent control in your community. Rent control is an effective policy solution to curb rising rents and displacement. 12 cities in California already have these protections. Our toolkit draws from experience and lessons learned in these cities. Including facts,... continue reading

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July 27, 2017 - 9am to July 27, 2017 - 10pm
Repeal the State Restriction on Rent Control: Costa Hawkins! July 27th STATEWIDE DAY OF ACTION LOS ANGELES - 10:30AM Action on new growing corporate landlord - meet up location TBASAN FRANCISCO/OAKLAND - 3:30PM Action on Wall Street Landlord - meeting at McDonald's 235 N Front StCONTRA COSTA COUNTY... continue reading