Rent Control for All

Tenants Together supports strong rent control protections for California tenants. We believe that reasonable limits on rent increases, coupled with just cause eviction protections, are a matter of basic fairness. If you don't think landlords have a right to unlimited rent increases and to evict tenants for any reason, then you believe in rent control.

Proposition 98 on the June 3, 2008, California ballot would have prohibited rent control and jeopardized just cause eviction laws. The measure was defeated by a 22-point margin, a stinging defeat for landlords who sought to use this low-turnout election to abolish rent control across the state. Rent control is a popular and effective policy to prevent displacement and maintain affordable homes for tenants.

This November 2016 FIVE cities are going to the ballot to vote on new rent control/just cause protections in their city. They need VOLUNTEERS and DONATIONS (of any size!) to win! Go to the respective campaign websites below for more info on how to support:



Go to the Alameda Renters Coalition website.



Go to the Fair and Affordable Richmond Coalition website.


Mountain View

Go to the Mountain View Tenants Coalition website.



Go to the Burlingame Advocates for Renter Protections website.


San Mateo

Go to Protect Renters in San Mateo.



Go to the Committee to Protect Oakland Renters website.


Download our Rent Control toolkit to learn more and get tools to organize in your community.

Sign our petition to stop unlimited rent increases to get updates on this issue campaign.

Help build power for renters' rights:

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