Section 8 Discrimination

"No Section 8" Policies by Landlords Now Unlawful in Santa Monica

“Good morning, this is 2015 Properties in Santa Monica. How may I help you?”

“Good morning, sir. My name is Ellie Ramirez and I’m calling about the one bedroom apartment in Sunset Park that’s advertised on Craigslist.”

“You’re in luck, Ellie. It’s still available and I’m the manager, Craig Perry. “The rent is $1,900 a month,” Craig adds. “When we run your credit report, will we see that you can afford that?”

“Oh, yes,” replies Ellie. “I work part-time and just got a Section 8 housing voucher so I can afford up to—”

Section 8 Stock Fails to Meet Housing Need

Anyone who’s ever searched for a rental on Craigslist has seen the parenthetical message next to a listing: No Section 8.

It’s a barrier to many who can’t afford Sebastopol’s median rent of approximately $2,000.

The Section 8 housing voucher choice program assists low-income individuals and families with their rental payments. In Sonoma County, the program is administered by the county’s Community Development Commission (CDC), spearheaded by executive director Margaret Van Vliet.

Minneapolis Lawmakers Pass Controversial Housing Ordinance

The Minneapolis City Council passed an ordinance Friday prohibiting landlords from denying renters because they have a Section 8 housing voucher.

Section 8 is a government program aimed to increase affordable housing choices for very low-income households by allowing families to choose privately owned rental housing.

The measure passed Friday is intended to put voucher holders on equal footing with other people seeking housing options in Minneapolis.

Section 8 Clinic at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

Are you being terminated from section 8? If you have a section 8 voucher and a scheduled hearing date with a local housing authority OR if you live in project-based section 8 housing, and have a termination hearing with your building manager and/or landlord, then sign up for section 8 hearing prep clinic! 


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Elke & Merchant LLP

San Francisco Tenant Lawyers Who Will Fight For You. Elke & Merchant LLP are experienced tenant lawyers dedicated to protecting tenant rights throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We represent tenants in all types of actions against landlords, including eviction defense, Rent Board petitions, and affirmative lawsuits related to wrongful eviction, harassment, and habitability issues.


I am a 55 yr. old permanantely disabled woman who lived in a Section 8 home for 20+ years.  Unfortunately, I was terminated by section 8 unfairly, as there decision did not take my disability, domestic violence, nor my witnesses and proof seriously.  The case was based on my abusers letter to SHRA and would have never happened without it.  I am virtually homeless, (living in a negative enviornment), and the enviroment I am forced to live in has put any healing to a STOP!


Subject: My retaliatory/wrongful eviction and now fraudulent lawsuit HelloMy name is Rhenae and I refuse to give up. my daughter and I were wrongfully evicted from our home in Vacaville Ca. I was a housing Advocate trained in Washington DC by HUD therefore I know the manipulation of bad landlords and how HUD and Fair Housing often dismiss tenants cases without proper review. That is exactly what happened to my daughter and me. I am a 57 year old disabled veteran. I have a skin disorder and I need air conditioning to keep my disorder under control.

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