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We answer emails and calls on a regular basis and we have meetings open to community members on the first and third Wednesday of every month. To attend meetings, email or call to be sent a zoom link. 

Our meetings are in Spanish, English and Armenian.

Brooklyn Landlord Tried To Boot Latino Tenants, Demanded To Know Their Immigration Status: Lawsuit

A Brooklyn landlord is trying to drive out Latino tenants, demanding they prove their legal immigration status and cooking up baseless eviction cases, according to a federal lawsuit.

Now current and former residents at two Sunset Park buildings are looking to bring Adel Eskander’s years of alleged discrimination to a halt with the class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday in Brooklyn Federal Court.


I am a permanantly disabled woman w/chronic mental & physical disabilities, who has been unfaily terminated by the SHRA, and my rights, (disability, woman's, housing & VAWA), were violated! Now homeless w/o la live in Aide, unable to afford rent, w/serious health problems, etc., I have had a hard time fighting against this agency, and cI annot find/afford legal help.  I cannot believe how this agency has just thrown me out to the wolves, leaving me to die, and the laws for disabled people ignored, threatening my survival? Am I going to be just another victim of discrimination?

N.Y. Filing Complaint Against Landlord Who Wanted Tenants To Show Proof of Immigration Status

State officials are taking action against a Queens landlord who threatened tenants with eviction unless they could show they were in the country legally, the Daily News has learned.

The State Division of Human Rights plans to file a formal complaint Monday against Dr. Jaideep Reddy, the owner of a Corona building where residents received notices telling them to provide, among other things, proof of their immigration status.

NYC Landlord Hit with Lawsuit for Housing Discrimination, Made Applicants' Children Take Unnecessary Lead Tests

A landlord with buildings all throughout New York City flouted housing discrimination laws and made it extra tough for families with small kids to find places in their properties, according to a Brooklyn federal lawsuit filed Monday.

The Parkoff Organization allegedly lied to African-Americans about availability and rental rates in at least one Brooklyn apartment, turned back applicants with public rent assistance elsewhere and made children undergo unnecessary lead tests.


I am being retaliatiated against, extortion, grievance hearings cancelled, private property searched during inspections, charging tenants for wear and tear, not giving  disabled with ssa bebeno  due process, constructive eviction for tenant organizing and speaking up when PHA breaks its own rules..too abundant to list.

Pasadena Tenants Union

We are a grassroots movement founded in November 2016 by tenants and homeowners. We are a membership body of volunteers and have no paid staff. We believe housing is a human right and renters have an inalienable right to safe, decent, stable, and affordable housing. We advocate for renter rights and tenant protections from displacement caused by gentrification. 

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