Tenant Voices

Bellflower, Los Angeles
hi my name is Margarita, 
Fair Oaks, Sacramento
We are just another four more people that are renters facing foreclosure. The owner has two (possibly three)notices of default@the Sacramento County Recorder's Office posted 8/5/08. The owner has made poor decisions resulting in short-falls, two pending foreclosures. He wasn't collecting rent from... continue reading
San Francisco, San Francisco
Our landlord has been "ok" with most things. He has, however, been very lax about fixing things. In fact, so lax, that 3 years went by before he purchased a new fan for above the stove. He never cleans the common space. The carpet in the common space is the same carpet since the 70's, and it... continue reading
San Francisco, San Francisco
Skyline Realty/CitiApartments is one of the largest residential landlords in San Francisco. They have a long record of intimidation of tenants, failure to fix building code violations, and many other illegal activities. (See www.citistop.org for an overview, including links to media coverage.)
Torrance, Los Angeles
I am permanently disabled and I am receiving state disability. I need to know if where I live would fall under rent control. My landlord stopped by my house on 9/07/08 around 7:00pm and verbally told me that as of 10/01/08 my rent would be going up to $100.00 per month. I need to know how much... continue reading
San Diego, San Diego
-Management had tenant stay nextdoor to me who had gangraped a mutual friend after not working for two or three months and coming and going in and out of my apartment when I had my back-door open to air out the place or was inside my apartment and had the front door unlocked. -Stabbing of a tenant... continue reading
Carmichael, Sacramento
Hello, my landlord is trying to get rid of me by tenancy termination. The lady property manager plays favorites with some neighbors. She is telling me to leave without good cause. I am a disabled veteran on limited income and live with at least 1 roommate always to make it affordable to pay rent. I... continue reading
Banning, Riverside
moved from Costa Mesa, Calif., had paid 900.00 for two bedroom town house, was immaculate when I moved in 10 yrs ago. Life changes in respect to outcomes not planned by me, I found opportunity or so I thought, to move to Baning ca., where my mother of 72 yrs. lived and could need some help, I moved... continue reading
San Bernardino, San Bernardino
We have been reporting that we have bedbugs since December 2007. The manager finally got someone to come and spray in May 2008. Then the bedbug problem continued and we asked them to spray again and they didn't come and spray until July 19th 2008. They didn't even use the right stuff to spray to... continue reading
Sacramento, Sacramento
My wife and I lost our house to foreclosure. We now live in a hotel with our young boys because no one wants to rent to us. We need help!
Marin, Marin
I experienced discrimination in housing because of my family size and my daughter's and my own disability. I also had problems with mold in my apartment that the landlord didn't want to take care of. Tenant Organizing is important because people need to know what their rights are and to learn how... continue reading
San Francisco, San Francisco
This past Fall I was looking for a place in San Francisco with a couple friends of mine. We were looking for something affordable, but all had steady jobs and so were fairly flexible in how much we could pay. Plus we were looking for a place with two or three bedrooms knowing we were going to have... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
You will all love this! My boyfriend and I moved into the apartment on Doheny 10 years ago. Within 8 months of being there, problems started to arise. First with plumbing, then electricity and we even were hassled for planting a beautiful garden in the back yard (which was previously a heap of... continue reading
San Francisco, San Francisco
I moved into an apartment and lived there for about nine months with three others. Everyone got along great for a while, but one of my roommates, whom I had known for about three years previous to moving in, was very reluctant to discuss certain details of our apartment. She had lived there for... continue reading
San Marcos, San Diego
I have lived in my Mobile home for 6 years. I was on a lease for 4 years and then a Month to Month. Last year we were face a $650 dollar rent increase. Our owners Cal-Am tried to raise our rent. We battled we won. The park was a disaster we had slumlords that were lazy and refused to fix... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
I am a financial aid student attending UCLA full time and believe me it is tough to save enough money to pay rent every month...not to mention I must also save enough money to pay for food, utilities, books, gasoline, etc. etc BUT on top of trying to save money I must also go to school full time,... continue reading
Berkeley, Alameda
Some years ago my partner and I rented part of a rent-controlled house in Berkeley. We were good tenants - always paid on time and did improvements on the yard. Our landlord was friendly at first, but then threatened us with eviction when I became pregnant with our second child. He said that we... continue reading
San Francisco, San Francisco
My landlord continues to use the bottom floor of our apartment, illegally converted into a separate unit, as a party space. They are drunk and loud and have ruined our garden in the back yard. They forget to pay the electricity on a regular basis. We have already had our power shut off once... continue reading

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